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Job interview today. Getting dolled up. Wish me luck?!!
Crochet Update!

So, doubling the length was a really bad idea. So, I took out nearly 1200 stitches. Cut the length in half and continued to add on to the blanket like I’d never started a King size blanket. -_-’ Well, while life has been slightly stressful on my end….I have managed to get 10 rows done, at 173 stitches per row. (Yay, for 1730 sts!) While I’m currently working on some more. I have 18 more rows of white, before I can even begin to think about adding some color up in that junk. But that’s when I have to pull the pattern out and do some actual counting. Right now I get off easy with not having to count anything but my rows. So, time to put in a movie and finish crocheting. I might be able to crochet up to row 18 today before my interview.   Oh, yeah… Interviewing in South Topeka today. Yay. 


Pretty Diagonal Granny Blanket from There where is Soleil.
Free diagram and picture tutorial at Perigrines Eyrie.
♥ Jere 
Just a little…

Update. Teehee. So, I finally have everyone that follows me, followed back.  Cause I’m just that way. I wanna know what’s going on, and such. =3 I have four rows done. Doing two…nearly takes me an hour in a half. I think I have 23 minutes left of “Hercules”. I started row 3 at the beginning of the movie. Doesn’t help that I’m getting sleepy either. Ugh, 52 more rows of this ONE color at 342 dc a row. I seriously think I’m trying to kill my wrist. Any who, how is everyone? 

Hope all my milso followers are having a decent day, I know I’m having a beautiful one so far, and just waiting on my SO to get home from work. But I think he might be going out for a boy’s night to go play some poker. I can’t really complain, last week he won $50. So, maybe he’ll get just as lucky this week. (If he goes.) Remember, today is down and tomorrow is just one day closer. =3

<3 Have a good night lovelies! 

First Christmas Gift

Is officially started!!! I am so excited. But this is going to be a very long project. Finally got it all mapped out and graphed out, and then I got the stitch count down and the chainless foundation row and the 2nd row down. I feel so accomplished, yet so far behind, with 54 more rows of this one color at 342 dc stitches per row, I feel slightly overwhelmed. This is until I can get the color part started (Which just so happens to be in the middle of the blanket). Then once the color part is started that is 76 rows (still at 342 dc per row). Then I will finish it off with 56 more rows of one solid color, then I will place a two row border (maybe four row border) around the edge of it once it is completed. -___- Whew, lots to do. So, if I have done the appropriate math….that is 188 blanket rows, plus the four border rows for 192 total rows. And if I do 2 more rows today…that leaves me…. 188 rows (if I can complete two rows a day…that means that my blanket will be done in….94 days.)  EEPS! 94 days…. UGH. Oh well, I’m hoping I can just plow through most of it. Sometimes, all I do is plug in a movie I’ve seen a bazillion times, and well before you know it!!! You have more done than you originally thought you did!!! 

Hint: It’s a KU Blanket for some die hard KU Fans. (His parents) I’m just so excited!!!

Sugar Scrub Experiment


I have successfully made a sugar scrub. Peppermint at that. I made two really small batches (1/4 c. each) I used E.V.Olive Oil with Peppermint essential oil. (3-5 drops per 1/4 c) One batch is red, and the other is green. And well, I tested them both. Mainly to see if the food coloring would dye my skin. I used two drops of coloring in each batch. And I think that it’s safe to say that it didn’t color my skin. (I mean I did while I was mixing it but that was an accident, so it didn’t really happen. Hehehe.) I’m wanting to experiment some more with some different oils and fragrances. But! I will say this, it’s been like 25 minutes since I have washed my hands with my scrub… and well…I still smell like peppermints. So, I can’t tell if I have found something that I would like to use in lieu of body spray or what the deal is. But I’m about to go experiment with some different essential oil mixes to see what I can come up with. Mango Frappe sounds really delicious. And they also have a coconut one too…but I’m thinking all things coconut might be used better/best with coconut oil infused sugar scrubs. =/ Well, lots to try and plenty of sugar in the house so, I think I shall be okay. I’ll update with photos and more stuff once I figure out how to make it look all pretty and such. But I need some plastic spoons!! -Sets out to the dollar tree-


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