About Me

Newness is abound here!
I am currently revamping my life. And when I say my life, I mean. Down to the very core.
Enjoy! ♥♥

My Loves

Jere ♥ KU ♥ Italian Food ♥ Romantic Comedies ♥ Romance ♥ Laughing ♥ Smiling ♥ Photography ♥ Coding


Wishful thinkin….but I want my man to want me sexually. .. so I don’t have to guess!!

Baby fever…

Just want my own. Just one. Sometimes I feel that I’m being punished because I haven’t gotten pregnant yet. I just really wanna be a mommy. :( when will it be my turn?

Work rant…

Fuck this dumb hoe. All she wants to do is stiff her fat face and be on her damned phone. Whether its texting or talking. Does anyone ever just show up and work anymore? Fuck this bull.


In my search of health and fitness…I came to a shocking realization. I’m falling in love with my boyfriend. Five months and it’s happened. Now…I gotta tell him…Hrms.


Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.

New jobs. Old jobs. Shitty jobs. Great jobs. This is just absolutely fuckin’ awesome. NAWT! I can’t believe I’ve been waiting nearly two weeks just to hear back from this one job. Instead of emailing, how about you pick up the phone and make a phone call. Is it that hard? I guess it might be. Hell if I know. So, fuck going to sleep this morning, I’m gonna head down to downtown Topeka, and then I’m going to apply for this job at the Correctional Facilty and I’m going to try to get on there. I can’t sneeze at the money that I’ll be making if hired. So, we’ll see how that process goes. Then I’ll be going to the bank. Ugh. Today is just going to be a long long day. My current job is just frustrating as hell, and I want to quit. But I can’t quit until I have a new one. Eff mah lyfe dood. Can something go right? Also…I think the boyfriend might be upset about something, but I’m not sure what. We’ll see. We’ll see. We’ll see. I’ll update again soons. Maybe when I get back.